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I am so blessed to be married to the best hubby in the world and to be mom to 3 fantastic young men. I've been scrapping seriously since May 2009, and have been obsessed ever since... Thanks for checking out my blog!

Thursday, December 30

Happy New Year

I had a very quiet, but wonderful Christmas, and hope you all did too!!!
I certainly have missed my blogging....  and all you wonderful fellow craft lovers!!!!
Isn't it a busy time..... even when we're not really doing anything, it seems so busy, I guess just because everyone around is so busy. You kinda get swallowed up in all the hustle bustle of your surroundings.

It's almost 2011, I can hardly believe it. 
I remember in the 80's - my teenage years.....  we actually thought that we'd be flying around in mini versions of space ships, instead of cars by the year 2000.  Anyone out there believe that way back then too????  Us crazy 8's kids.......

Anyway, enough yapping, I just wanted to share the cards I made since I last blogged.
They were all done at a card making demo through stampin up, which I thoroughly enjoyed - even though I'm not really a card maker, but prefer scrapping 12x12's.  Thanks Agnes Fusey for the wonderful ideas and all the fun we had !!!

Maybe someone will find some nice ideas to use for next Christmas.......  I hope...

Well everyone, hope you all have fantastic New Year cellebrations, and a wonderful blessed year.