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Friday, October 1

JuSt SoMe MoRe FoR sAlE

My boys were, and still are crazy about Lion King!  Well, me too!!!
I thought this layout would look so great with a 5x7" photo of dad and all the kids! 
Dad's Pride and Joy...  for sure!

I absolutely love how this one turned out....  Romantic and airy fairy....

This one is kinda rustic ...  I thought it would look great with some farm pics, or even horse riding..... definately boys....... there's space for 3 photo's and the top will look great with a good title in wood, or even the Kaiser felt letters....   some journaling at the bottom.....

This one has got wooden embelishments from K&Company.....
I love every thing about K&Company, they have really stylish stuff!!
I like that the little wooden birds and sign are now a bit different to the usual twidlybits stuff, they're a new twist on add-on's....  I think they're going to be really popular...

What can I say about Tinker Bell and friends?  Always popular and loved by little girls all around the world!

I love this - my child's laughter is music to my ears - sooooo true!!!!

that's all for now.......  take care and have fun everyone!!!


  1. gorgeous... I too love the kaiser one the best... Oh, and I love the Lion King too, :)

  2. Awe, thanks Karen!!!

    I must say thought, I can't wait to get back into some "serious scrapping" but these kiddies one's are so popular on e-bay, I don't know which way to go!!!


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