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Friday, August 27

MoRe LaYoUtS tO sHaRe WiTh Y'aLL

Howdy doodey all you scrappers!
Aren't we a craZy bunch??!!??

Well, I have made some fun layout's these past two weeks, and finaly got the energy to pick up the camera and take pics for you gals to see...... 

This first one is my last post's layout - with some photo's now.... and a heading....  think it looks finished now?  I love the 2 which is an upside down 5, and it's us 2, with a total of 5 memebers in our family - my hubby, my 3 sons, and me.....  cute hey!  I thought it's a cute idea.....

Anyway, here it is, and a few others I did since I last posted....

Now, this next one is from Kaisercraft range, I just loved this paper when it came out, bought it right away, and it's been sitting in my stash for ages... Finaly I decided I just have to use it, and the end result was disapointing, it was just so flat, I had added sparkles and inking, everything I could, then I picked up my white pen, and wow!  Just a little bit of white adds soooooooooo much pOp!!!
I don't have a photo that can do it justice, so I have just put in a picture from a calendar I have laying around - thus the flower in her hair, there's a hole there to hang the calendar on the wall....  oops, anyway, I think she goes perfectly, at least untill I have a replacement photo of a family member!!!

This one is such a simple layout, I showed the ladies at our scrapping group on Thursday this week, and everyone's layout looks so very different, with such unbelievable ideas!  Hey girls, post your layout's here too so we can see them all - Deb, Elaine, Bev, Helen, and the other two gals.....  (I'm hopeless with names - sorry!!!......). 
Oh ya, I found these flowers somewhere on a webpage, can't remember where, but anyway, tried them, and was amazed how easy they were to make, I showed the girls on Thursday too how to make them, and everyone was instantly hooked!!!!!   I used up all my scrap paper on Wednesday evening, punched out the scolloped circles, stapeled the layers together and paid my son 20c each to scrunch and make blooms - with some nagging and begging........  He ended up making 107 of them, and that was just one evening!!!  They are gorgeous Ethan, thanks my lovie!!! Sorry about the finger cramps and the tender tips.... ("-) I will be making layout after layout using these blooms - they are beautiful flowers, I think they look like little carnations....

Once again I used a picture from the calendar just till I have a lovely replacement photo..... I don't have any daughters, so will have to wait for grandaughters.... 

Here's another idea with this layout, also a calendar pic, but so cute! 

Hope you found something you could use.....  Till next time!!!  Scrap your heart out & have fun!!!


  1. WOW!!! Awesome as usual Bren :)...I have uploaded my layouts too to my blog :)
    Thanks for soooooooo much inspiration...we are going to MISS YOU sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    mush when you leave :(

  2. Love those flowers! Stunning. *hugz*


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