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I am so blessed to be married to the best hubby in the world and to be mom to 3 fantastic young men. I've been scrapping seriously since May 2009, and have been obsessed ever since... Thanks for checking out my blog!

Monday, August 30

DaYs GoNe By

Well, this one has been laying on my desk for some time now, and I thought I'd better add some writing and take the pic. 
Unfortunately the photo didn't come out too good, don't know why, guess it's the time of day or something.... I should get someone to give me a few photography tips....

Anyway, I thought I didn't like to make romantic pages, I may just change my mind....

Thanks for checking my blog out!!!  Hope you visit again soon!!!  Have a great week everyone!!!


  1. Thank you for leaving a comment..... I always loooove to hear from you!!!

  2. Wow Brenda, I love this layout. Just gorgeous! *hugz*


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