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Friday, August 27

MoRe ScRaPpInG...

Let's try again, this internet connection is soooooo slow today, I'm gonna try download some more layout's that I have done in the last couple of weeks....  Hold thumbs!

This is very similar to the green one I did the other day, a few posts ago, I just haven't found the right photo for it yet, but wanted to try another colour scheme.

This one is just not as good on the photo as it is in real life, it sparkles and shines like crazy,  was so much fun to play with buttons, beads and glitter.  I still have glitter floating all around in this work room of mine, and in the car.....  Sonja, those is your pink tootsies!!!!

And this one, I still have to catch someone sleeping for the photo, I'm sure it will be comming sooonnnnn - since we allllll looooooove sleep in this house!  It does need a pic of a little sweet girl snoozing though...  but one of my boys will have to do...

Thanks guys for checking out my blog!  Hope you all have a great weekend!!! 


  1. Thanks for looking, I LoVe to hear from you all!!!

  2. GORGEOUS Brenda.... love the dreamz one...very cute...

  3. Gosh, I love your leaves and flowers on the first layout, just gorgeous. The flowers have so much impact. *hugz*


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